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Any theft charge is a serious offense that may not only land you with fines and jail time, but decrease opportunities for education and employment. To combat your charge, retain the services of a seasoned criminal defense attorney at Hilliard Law, P.L.

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Grand Theft vs. Petit Theft

According to F.S. 812.014, theft occurs when a person knowingly obtains, or tries to obtain someone else's property, with the intent of taking it permanently. The type of theft depends on the value of the property; it may be petit theft or grand theft.

Petit Theft

Petit theft, also referred to as shoplifting or petty theft, is charged when the value of the property totals less than $300. Here are the specific charges:

  • 2 nd Degree Misdemeanor: property value is under $100
  • 1 st Degree Misdemeanor: property value is between $100-300
  • 3 rd Degree Felony: two or more prior convictions of petty theft

Grand Theft

Any stolen property over $300 is known as grand theft and is charged as a felony offense.

  • 3 rd Degree Felony : property value between $300-$20,000
  • 2 nd Degree Felony : property value between $20,000-100,000
  • 1 st Degree Felony : property value over $100,000 or over $1,000 in property damage while committing the offense

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