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Charged with murder in Tampa Bay?

If you are accused of committing murder, or you are currently under investigation in a murder case, you are in extreme legal danger. You must ensure that you have protection from a proven Clearwater criminal defense lawyer with extensive criminal trial experience. At our firm, Hilliard Law, P.L., we have served as defense counsel for many serious offenses.

Our founder, attorney Jackson Hilliard, formerly served as a public defender, where he gained extensive experience in trial law and defense case presentation, as well as jury selection and in challenging the case presented by prosecutors. In a murder case, the quality of your defense case could not be more important, as you could lose your freedom for years, or in some murder cases, face the death penalty. The conviction rate in jury trials in the Florida state courts ranges at about 60%. Don't take chances with your freedom - call Hilliard Law, P.L.

Why You Need a Tough Defender for Your Murder Accusation

Having served in the criminal court system for years, we understand the critical importance that you have an aggressive and talented Clearwater criminal defense attorney. This is actually the most important factor in a jury decision. All elements of your case should be analyzed at once. Whether you are guilty or completely innocent, once you are facing murder charges, the case will proceed through the system. The decision in court will be life-changing. You must ensure that you are represented by a powerful defender that has exceptional defense case development and presentation skills.

The jury makes the decision. How they view the case is based upon the case presented by both the prosecutor and the defense team. At our firm, we have the background serving at trial that could make the difference between conviction and an acquittal. Our first goal is to get you released on bail if at all possible, otherwise you will be spending months or longer in custody awaiting trial.

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If you are being questioned by police in a murder investigation, do not answer any questions posed by investigators. An arrest will usually take place within a short period of time, and your efforts to help the police can backfire and create problems for your defense case. Even an innocent person can be convicted, and you are at great risk if you cooperate with the authorities. We take on the duty of protecting you at every step of the process, including during any questioning in a murder case. Are you facing murder charges? Call us today. We are ready to help you fight back. Make an appointment for your free consultation at one of our office locations in Clearwater or Tampa.

Contact us at once if you are facing murder charges or are the target of a murder investigation. Your future could depend upon it.

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