What is a DUI Appeal?

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In order to have certain aspects of your case reviewed for fairness or compliance with the law, an appeal on your behalf is sent to a higher court asking for a review of the record in an attempt to find errors. It is not a way to have your case re-tried, but a way to review the previous case to ensure that it was fair and accurate.

How Your Attorney Can Help With a DUI Appeal

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The goal of your Tampa DUI attorney is to raise every material issue before trial to ensure a complete and thorough record exists for the appellate court to review. A Hilliard Law, P.L. attorney is prepared to identify issues in your case and argue them before the lower court.

Preserving your case for an appellate review is a complicated process that requires dedication and thorough knowledge. With Tampa Criminal Attorney Jackson Hilliard on your side, you have the power to leverage his experience with hundreds of previous DUI cases, including misdemeanor and felony DUI cases, as well as those involving out of state DUIs.

Preparing for a DUI Appeal

Jackson Hilliard strives to ensure your case is prepared for an appeal because in DUI cases, juries don't always rule in your favor. Regardless of whether the evidence proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the jury may consider a DUI defendant unworthy of an acquittal because they see the defendant as a bad driver or morally culpable.

The firm is committed to minimizing this "jury bias" at trial. However, because jury bias does exist and can result in a wrongful conviction, your attorney must preserve the record during trial and before trial.

Winning a DUI Appeal in Tampa, Florida

Having a defense attorney capable of protecting your rights before and during a DUI appeal is critical for increasing your chances of winning your appeal. With Jackson Hilliard's extensive trial skills and knowledge, you have an attorney with the capacity to ensure you receive the fair representation you deserve.

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