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Our firm, Hilliard Law, P.L. has gained a reputation for high quality defense work in a range of criminal cases, including DUI, drug crimes, and violent crimes such as assault. Find out more about our firm before you make a decision about who will defend you. Our lead attorney, Jackson Hilliard, is a former public defender, and during his service gained extensive trial experience. He knows the criminal justice system intimately, and how to craft a winning defense case.

Charges of assault are often filed when there has been an altercation, and the last person left standing is charged with the crime. Assault charges could be filed as a misdemeanor or felony, based upon the facts in the case, the degree of injury, if any, and issues regarding weapons, whether a firearm, knife or any other item that is alleged to have been used to assault another person. Any crime involving weapons is punished more heavily in our state, and could lead to years in prison if not successfully defended.

Types of Assault Charges in Clearwater: Misdemeanor or Felony Assault

An assault charge can be filed against you even if you never touched the alleged victim. For example, if it is believed that you threatened another person with harm or violence, and that the person believed you were capable of carrying out the threat, you can face charges of assault. A case that involves actual physical contact will usually include charges of battery.

Simple assault is filed as a second degree misdemeanor in most cases, but if the case involves a police officer or EMP, the charges will be increased to first degree assault, with penalties as long as 1 year in jail. As with any criminal case, the burden of proof lies with the prosecutor. The presentation of your defense case has everything to do with the final outcome, and you simply cannot take any chances with who you choose to represent you.

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If you are accused of making a threat of violence against another person, the evidence could be as minimal as an accusation from the alleged victim. An argument that escalates can lead to police being contacted and arriving on the scene. When they arrive, they listen to the accusation, and if it is alleged that you made a threat of violence, you can be arrested and charged with assault. You may have been defending yourself against an attack, and are now facing charges yourself. Talk to us. We are ready to help you fight the charges, and we have the trial experience you need on your side if you are charged with assault in Clearwater. Call now.

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