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If you've recently been arrested, then you need to obtain defense from an experienced attorney. Your legal representative may be the determining factor in the outcome of your case, so make sure that you retain an attorney who can provide seasoned counsel and dedicated support. At Hilliard Law, P.L., you can meet your attorney and get an honest assessment of your case at your free case evaluation. The firm offers tough advocacy for clients facing a wide range of criminal offenses, including:

Attorney Hilliard has successfully represented countless former clients, always working tirelessly on their behalf. His priority is to achieve a positive outcome, based on your goals.

DUI Attorney in Pinellas Park Has Extensive Training

Even though Attorney Hilliard takes on any criminal case, he is especially equipped to handle DUI charges in Florida. He has achieved a Certificate of Completion for NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, as well as taken classes at the National College of DUI Defense. These courses have expanded his knowledge about Florida DUI law and police procedure, giving him a special edge of his competitors in this area of law. When he takes on your case, Attorney Hilliard can quickly spot any errors or inconsistencies that can help to build strong defense strategies.

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