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If you've been arrested for a criminal offense, then you may be wondering where to turn. At Hilliard Law, P.L., you can obtain tough defense and sound counsel for your DUI or other criminal case.

Attorney Jackson Hilliard has successfully defended countless clients in his years as a criminal lawyer. His goal is to protect your rights by choosing the best possible course of action. When you receive your free case evaluation, he will explain your situation and what you can expect from your case. During his investigation of your case and your circumstances, Attorney Hilliard will explore all available avenues of defense.

No matter how serious your charges may be, he can assist you. DUI, drug offenses, theft crimes, juvenile crimes, assault, and federal crimes are all charges that Attorney Hilliard has dealt with for his clients. He is more than capable of providing the relentless legal representation that you need.

Criminal Defense & DUI Lawyer in Dunedin - Free Case Evaluation

While Attorney Hilliard adeptly handles all criminal cases, he is especially proficient in DUI cases. Having achieved a Certificate of Completion for NHTSA DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, he is a step ahead of his competitors. He has extensive knowledge of police testing and procedures in Florida, allowing him to better defend his clients. For each one of his clients, he conducts a thorough defense, finding any mistakes on the part of the police or prosecution. Attorney Hilliard assists clients during the entire DUI process, from the DMV hearing to the end of the trial. If your case did not go as planned, then he can also assist you with the appeals process.

Take action today and obtain a free case evaluation with a skilled Dunedin criminal defense lawyer. Attorney Hilliard will personally oversee your case and answer any questions you may have. Fill out an online form or call the office to schedule your appointment.

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