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Following a DUI arrest, you need to immediately request your DMV hearing.

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Criminal Defense Attorney in Clearwater, Florida

Arrested? Don't face the criminal justice system alone. Get the sound defense you deserve from Hilliard Law, P.L.

At your free consultation, you and Attorney Hilliard can discuss the details of your situation and the outcome that you want. Should you hire him, Attorney Hilliard will work closely with you so you receive fair and accurate legal representation. After the government brings charges against you, its assurances that it will also defend your constitutional rights are questionable.

Attorney Hilliard's priority is to protect his clients, listen to them, and explore all the options available to them. He has represented thousands of clients as a defense lawyer in Clearwater. You can rest assured that his thorough knowledge and dedication to justice will ensure your legal issues are properly addressed.

Attorney Hilliard brings years of experience in criminal law and is well-qualified to handle any case, no matter the complexity. What makes him the right choice?

  • Skill. His skill in trial and constant dedication have been recognized by former clients and other attorneys alike!
  • Results. He has obtained favorable results for clients in charges ranging from felonies to misdemeanors.
  • Knowledge. He has completed courses from the National College of DUI Defense and has a Certificate of Completion for NHTSA DWI Detection & Field Sobriety Testing.

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Why Attorney Hilliard Became a Lawyer

When most people think of defense lawyers, they believe that they are there to defend criminals or help them to escape justice. That, however, is not the truth—and that is how Attorney Hilliard views his job. As a resident of Central Florida for most of his life, he believes that his job allows him to make the community a safer place by keeping the government honest and helping good people avoid unfair penalties.

Hear Attorney Hilliard’s views on his job and why he chose to practice criminal law by watching the video to your right.

What Sets Hilliard Law, P.L. Apart?

If you or someone you love has been arrested, you need a skilled defense lawyer in your corner who you can trust. You need Attorney Hilliard. Backed by extensive experience and dedication to his clients, he can help ensure your constitutional rights are fully protected.

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Were You Arrested for DUI in Florida?

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  • DMV Hearings

    Save Your Right to Drive in Florida

    After a DUI arrest, you need to act quickly if you want protect your driver’s license. In fact, you only have 10 days to request your DMV hearing. This hearing will deal solely with your license and will not address whether or not you were indeed driving drunk. It is essential that you have legal representation during this hearing to challenge your license suspension.

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  • DUI Appeals

    Were You Convicted of DUI?

    You still have hope! By getting the help of our Florida criminal defense law firm, you can pursue filing an appeal. This is basically a request sent to a higher court to review your record to find errors. This is not necessarily done to have your case re-tried, but to review your previous case to ensure that it was fair and accurate and that your legal rights were protected correctly.

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  • DUI Penalties

    Consequences of Drunk Driving

    The state of Florida takes drinking and driving extremely seriously and imposes severe penalties for individuals who are convicted. For example, someone who is convicted of a first offense may face penalties that include up to 6 months of imprisonment, a $2,000 fine, 2 months of probation, 10 day vehicle impoundment, and 50 hours of community service.

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